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  4. 珠海安宇數碼科技有限公司
    Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Sales Hotline: +86-756-7221610

    Welcome to the website of Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.!



    About us

    Honor event      

    2002—2003 rewarded as Advanced Enterprise of Safe Production;
    2004 rewarded as Enterprise with Advanced Technology;
    2005 rewarded as Enterprise Observe to Contract and Credit in Zhuhai;
    2005-2007 rewarded as Enterprise Which Keeps Promise;
    2005 be the direct of Zhuhai Chamber or Commerce for Import & Export;
    2005 rewarded as Civilized Enterprise in Zhuhai;
    2006-2007 rewarded as Civilized Enterprise in Zhuhai;
    2007 named on the The Fifth National Trusty Enterprises Selection;
    2008 Credible Import & Export Enterprise in Guangdong Province;
    2008 Credible Import & Export Enterprise;
    2008 One of the Ten Strong Enterprises in the TV industry;
    2008 Trusty products recognized by Chinese Market.