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  4. 珠海安宇數碼科技有限公司
    Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Sales Hotline: +86-756-7221610

    Welcome to the website of Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.!



    Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a joint venture of high-tech in the control of Anyu Group Co., Ltd. Located in the beautiful city Zhuhai, Anyu has a history of 6 years. Its registration fund is 10,800,000 RMB and its factory is 70,000 square meters. It endeavors to OEM and ODM service with the products of LCD display, LCD TV sets and Plasma TV sets.

    Investing millions, Anyu has advanced product lines, the most advanced LCD techniques and craftwork for research on LCD display and LCD TV sets. Its annual production is one million PCS.

    Based on advantages in techniques and equipment, Anyu has R&D research bases in America, South Korea, Taiwan, Zhuhai and HK.

    The highest goal of Anyu is to create value for customer to make them satisfied. Holding the conception of credit, practice and creation, Anyu has been trying its best to make its products better and better.

    Paying important attention to company culture and competence of the employees, Anyu has attracted talents from everywhere of the world. People oriented, it has established scientific management system to make its work systemized, formalized and rationalized.

    Market is the starting line and ending line as well. Looking forward, Anyu will continue to make excellent products with excellent service for more and more customers.

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    The company pays attention to the precipitation of corporate culture, the improvement of the quality of employees and the training of employees' capabilities, attracting talents from all over the world.

    People-oriented, established a scientific management system, institutionalized, systematic and rationalized work.

    The market is the starting point and the end point. We will continue to innovate according to market demand, launch high-quality products and services, and shape the nuclear competitiveness that can compete with front-end companies in the same industry in developed countries.