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  4. 珠海安宇數碼科技有限公司
    Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    銷售熱線:+86-756-7221610    企業郵箱登陸入口


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    LCDTV-15 19 22 JA

    • LCDTV-15 19 22 JA
    LCDTV-15 19 22 JA
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    The core selling point: 
    1. Energy-saving technology, from the screen, full-chip and power system to achieve energy-saving Full HD 
    2.H.264 king 
    3. Streamer appearance 
    4. Dynamic Splendid Technology

    Product Features:

    Perfect combination of technology and the concept of energy-saving choice Penetration rate through the glass backlight to enhance the rate of low-temperature energy efficient LED lights to enhance the rate of high-efficiency backlight light source to enhance reuse film, "three-in-one way to streamline the backlight, LCD screen body to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. OPC is the adoption of energy-saving chip dynamic analysis of the light source, and to self-image brightness based on the needs of real-time adjustment storage electrode signal strength power, so that more black dark field, bright field more brightly. The chip technology, not only in front-end signal input to achieve "energy detection", but also greatly enhance the sporting image of the dynamic contrast and enhanced image saturation, levels and a sense of clarity, the concept of energy saving and environmental protection is a high-definition technology and sports perfect combination. This series of products used for the first time energy-efficient power management system, PMS, a TV and PC power management.

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